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Tenna, Switzerland

The photo was taken last year in autumn in Safiental Valley, located in Graubünden, specifically in Tenna, Graubünden. In the picture, sheep stand on a misty meadow, their figures blurred by the thick fog enveloping the valley. The serene landscape is gently shrouded in a mysterious haze, adding an ethereal quality to the scene.

I had my dog, Imao, with me at the time. The sheep, curious and watchful, observed Imao intently. Their attention was completely captivated by his presence, creating a moment of quiet connection between the animals. This tranquil interaction, set against the backdrop of the misty, serene valley, perfectly encapsulates the peaceful and mysterious beauty of the Swiss countryside.

The photo was taken using my Leica M9 with the Summicron-M 1:2/35 lens, which beautifully captured the softness of the fog and the subtle details of the scene, adding to the overall dreamlike atmosphere.

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