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Balsthal, Switzerland

The photo I took last year in the Jura shows

an impressive pine tree in black and white, lightly enveloped by a delicate mist. This pine stands to the south on a steep slope characterized by rocky ground. The landscape here in summer is reminiscent of Ticino, as the temperatures are similarly warm, giving the pines a comparable appearance to those in southern Switzerland.

The picture was taken last winter on the second Jura ridge above Balsthal. I captured it with a Leica Monochrom and a Summicron-M 1:2/35 lens. The monochrome camera perfectly captures the fine nuances of light and shadow, impressively conveying the mystical atmosphere of the place. The combination of the distinctive pine and the mist gives the photo a timeless and almost surreal quality, capturing the unique beauty of the Jura in the colder months.

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