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Cyanus montanus / Berg-Flockenblume

During my hike in Mümliswil I took a beautiful photo of a mountain cornflower (Centaurea montana) in the rain. The flower's delicate petals, adorned with water droplets, glittered against the lush green of the Swiss landscape. The rain gave the scene a calm and refreshing touch, enhancing the bright blues and purples of the cornflower. Despite the weather, the flower remained resilient and vibrant, a testament to the beauty and strength of nature. This moment captured in my photo reflects the peaceful and invigorating experience of hiking through the scenic trails of Mümliswil. The mountain cornflowers with their unique charm and the gentle rain made this hike with my dog ​​Imao an unforgettable adventure.

Leica M Monochrom / Summilux-M 1,4/35 MM

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